Is a monolithic dome home right for you?

mon • o • lith • icformed as a single, seamless structure

dome homes offer more durability and strength Durable & Secure


Protect your family and loved ones with the security a monolithic dome home provides.

With lifespans measured not only in years, but centuries, dome homes offer unmatched durability when compared to homes constructed using traditional methods. Standing the test of time requires a structure that will not only withstand deterioration, but can survive in the path of natures destructive forces. Dome homes are known to have survived wildfires, earthquakes, tornadoes, and hurricanes.

FEMA rates monolithic domes as “near-absolute protection” from F5 tornadoes and Category 5 hurricanes. Domes survived a direct hit from Hurricane Katrina in 2005. Other domes survived the 2005 and 2006 wildfires in Oklahoma and Texas. In 2003, a monolithic dome government building in Iraq survived a direct hit by a 5,000 pound bomb.

Beautiful Aesthetics

These storybook homes are snuggled in a beautiful wooded rock garden. It’s like living in a storybook village right out of the movies!

Free Span Interior

Hundreds of cubic feet with no interfering beams or support posts. The possibilities are endless.

dome homes offer great energy savings Energy Efficient


Amazing savings on heating and cooling bills.

Hillside Garden Village dome homes use an externally insulated concrete that creates a passive solar shell. Overall thermal resistance value approximates an effective R-value of 70. The dome is seamless and nearly airtight. It is five times more fuel efficient than conventional buildings. Some smaller models have even been heated with hair dryers or even candles!

dome homes offer lower maintenance Low Maintenance


Round is better than square.

  • No more ice dams or heavy buildup over roof edges!
  • No more leaky roofs!
  • No more worrying about snow loads and shoveling roofs!
  • Very little painting needs to be done on exterior!
  • Less risk of damage means lower home insurance costs!



dome homes offer great amenities Great Amenities


Hillside Garden Village is nestled deep inside the beauty of Peaceful Valley.

Amenities have already been constructed for Hillside Garden Village, including a premium salt water pool. If your family or loved ones come to visit, they can take advantage of the nearby Wilderness Campground, featuring a shower house for changing and laundry. As a homeowner, you have free access to these facilities at no charge!

Located perfectly in Mornigside’s Peaceful Valley, near the Picnic Pavilion and Park. Kids will love the playground, or a game of volleyball on the sand court, available any hour of the day. Within walking distance of the campground are the new Morningside Farms and Lori’s House community outreach ministries.

Above the valley is the beautiful Grace Street Building, home to the world-wide television ministry of The Jim Bakker Show. Inside, the unique “Old World” facade connects more than one hundred condominium units, plus several stores, a full-service restaurant and more. Grace Street is also the prime location of many conferences, expos, as well as the home of Morningside Church!

Morningside stretches across 700 acres, and Hillside Garden Village is a special part of the growing Morningside community. Come for a visit, stay for a lifetime!

Morningside Wilderness Campground Morningside RV ParkGeneral Store Fireside Cafe Lori's House The Jim Bakker Show Morningside Church

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